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 Nettle Cluster 

Visit  Dunda Nettle Cluster, experience how nettle fiber made from the wild grass. Meet, stay with the women to feel warm of their love with Nettle in this beautiful village of  Uttarkashi Uttarakhand

Wool Cluster

 Harshil is Wool brand of Uttrakhand wool named after this village in Uttarkashi. Stay in village meet  Bhotia community feel their traditional wool business from Sheep growing to woolen fabric making.  

Handicraft Cluster

Experience  traditional crafts making skills of women community in the craft clusiters of of Kumaon region in  Uttarakhand, warm of  traditional food and hospitality

Explore traditional crafts of Uttarakand in the lap of Himalaya. Meet and live, the craft making experience, warm of hospitality of our artisans in our adventurous tour.
Fill below form to customize your cluster tour. Proposed to start from Apr-May 2020 will be  commenced from Dehradun and Pant Nagar, Air port Uttarakhand. 
Cluster Choice


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