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Lock down is considered to be the most powerful method for globally containing #COVID 19 transmission. Governments have taken a varied approach between life & livelihood across the world to control corona virus.


Lock down in India is the strictest, so far capable of containing the lowest COVID 19 fatality in the world despite  huge population and not so strong medical facilities. 

Prolonged lock down taken toll on world economy to zero to negative in all sector.

Social distancing and Face mask are new normal's of the life with Corona

Continuing lock down  on India is more than shrinking economy to unprecedented plight of  bottom of the pyramids. Resulting in reverse migration, death on the track, and workers unrest.


GDP Zero or negative, 27% job losses, 22% pay cuts in May are rising faster every week than Corona deaths.

The self employed unorganized dignified community of   200 M artisans have limited working capital have the question of survival to continue Indian traditional craft.

Their sole means of livelihood dried  due to COVID lock down 

Support descatuk to  raise Rs 2.5M fund for 700 artisan in rural villages of Uttarakhand to meet

  • Most urgent need Rs1500/- for a month to 100 returned workers

  • PAY Rs 2000 for Raw material per month  for  3 months  to artisan  now and get the product later. 

  • Re skill 300 returned  worker for alternative livelihood activities & Rs2000 for Raw material support   

  • Designing and the marketing Support. 

NGO will implement beneficiary program in the Uttarakhand villages 

Help them to start music of Indian craft,

Your act of kindness of Rs 1000 &above will be acknowledged by

sending you "Hand made Natural Fabric Mask"


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