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New parents are always in the search of safe and comfy products for their young ones. Finding the right fabrics, which are natural and safe for skin but cute and comfortable is always one of the nerve wreaking job and we at DESCAT- UK love innovate problem solving products with our organic NNF fabrics!

So, we are soon launching a new Baby accessories collection, made completely from our

Liva- NNF- Cotton fabric range!

This collection will be an extension of our WORK FROM HOME collection. As work from Home has become the new norm now, due to the pandemic, many parents have to work and take care of their babies in the same room. So, to make it easy for working parents and complete a whole look of your comfy Living/working room, we are introducing this small baby accessories collection.

The collection will include a Baby blanket, Bed sheet, Neck support bolsters as well as pillows. It will be suitable for both little boys and girls from 0 to 3 years of age. The woven and knitted fabrics used are completely organic, baby safe and soft.

Stay tuned for our next blog!

Support sustainable and circular fashion by joining hands with DESCATUK.

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