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Collaborating for Good

DESCATUK works with ethically sourced materials and local artisans of Uttarakhand, India. We are actively working to build a better future with ethical materials and practices. Our aim is to efficiently manufacture and promote handlooms and handicrafts globally. We research and develop new fibres and fabrics continually. We collaborated with local NGOs to train and empower the artisans. With every step, we are strongly moving forward with the same vision and willpower.

Continuing our effort to offer newly developed fabrics, we are happy to announce our association with Good Market. Good Market is a curated community of social enterprises, cooperatives, responsible businesses, voluntary initiatives, networks, and change-makers.

"We are happy to have DESCATUK on the Good Market platform amongst the responsible businesses and social enterprises. DESCATUK also accessible now on the Catalyst 2030 page for the community organizations to achieve SDG by 2030," exclaimed Ms. Amanda Kiessel from Good Market.

"We are constantly developing more environmentally friendly fabrics and connecting with new platforms and businesses to be able to produce good products and thus contribute to good Earth," expressed Mr. K D Sharma Co-founder & CEO DESCAT UK. We are aiming to spread awareness towards ethically made products and sustainable production and practices. we are working every single day to be more accountable and reachable to our consumers

DESCAT has joined hands with like-minded businesses and fashion labels to create a greater impact. We are connecting with fashion brands that are equally passionate and compassionate about ethical and circular fashion. DESCAT is associated with DOODLAGE, a circular fashion label based in India that develops sustainable and exclusive high street fashion predominantly from recycled and up cycled fabrics. With this collaboration, we are looking forward to contribute to our common objective i.e wastage reduction and conservation of our resources for a better planet.

. Mr.KD Sharma, CEO & Co-founder of DESCATUK with Mr. Paras Arora, Co-founder, DOODLAGE.

"To be able to contribute to a better future, we believe that all of us can do our part and take the movement forward. As creators and a responsible social enterprise, we are doing our part by being transparent about every single aspect and we now look forward to connect with more and more enterprises and be able to produce more products that can cater to our consumer needs while building a better and greener future" said K D Sharma CEO DESCAT.

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