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Crafted for Christmas 2020

This Christmas 2020, let’s give a shot to invest in endearing gifts that will put a smile on your dear ones along with our covid affected artisans who are in need. Let's live and buy sustainably and make ethical choices so that we celebrate and consume with purpose.

Descat tied up with Uttarakhand based NGO - Navchetna and SEWA International to support the unemployed migrant laborers and Covid hit underprivileged communities to better their livelihood and have a quality source of income by training them with handloom and handicrafts techniques. At Descat, our goal is to encourage our customers to consume mindfully and choose greener products for a sustainable and happy Earth.

Our artisans make products from eco-friendly yarns, that are sustainable. The yarns are made of NNF and NNF blends. The New Natural Fibre that's developed from the wild grass of the high-altitude forests in Uttarakhand, India is biodegradable, sustainable, and efficient.

We also use recycled and up-cycled materials, yarns to reduce our carbon footprint and to conserve our resources mindfully.

Each of our products is handcrafted with love and precision. Knitting is an acclaimed technique used to produce textiles and various products from apparel, accessories to utility and home accessories. Handmade products have their own charm. Hand Knitting, crochet, and macrame techniques are predominantly used in our products.

Each of these techniques is beautifully unique and are also zero-wastage. We utilize every bit of our resources to bring out plastic-free and 100% biodegradable products.

By choosing handmade products that are ethically made and are also kind to the earth, One can contribute to the community and carbon positive environment.

Our Christmas collection is curated to cater to the needs of our consumers and to encourage them to choose sustainable and ethical products. The handmade products range from Apparel and accessories to Handmade decorations and lifestyle accessories. The collection is made of NNF-blends and is also available in various colors.

From stylish cardigans for women and classic high - necks for men to Softest Kids wear apparel, our collection has covered all the basics and festive hits made of warm wools and NNF blends. Kidswear apparel and accessories are made with the utmost care and quality.

We use natural dyes and avoid any kind of chemical colors to dye our yarns and products.

To check out more products and details, click here for a FREE catalogue. Connect with us at to know more about our materials, products, and our initiative.

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