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Ethical Life Style : Why?

Ethical Life style is next to Ethical #fashion. But what is #ethical -according to Cambridge dictionary ethical means relating to belief about what is #morally right and and wrong.

Laptop bags, document holder, conference bags, folders, bags are essential in office life. These are now a days fashion/ personality statement and often more than requirement. According to new survey, commissioned by #Greenpeace, Consumers are no longer shopping because they need something. On the contrary: younger people in particular shop despite already having too much, longing for fulfillment and encouraged by social media and the ease of online shopping How many you have in your home .

You know where they are ending , common #landfill in our city...


Energy from fossil fuels is consumed to manufacture synthetic fabric used to make these office and daily life essentials, emitting tonnes of carbon di oxide into environment resulting #global warming and #climate change. Chemicals that are used for producing, dyeing, coating and softening these synthetic fabrics #pollutes waterways and oceans. which are hazardous for people and the planet.

Polyester, nylon, acrylic, and other synthetic fibers — all of which are forms of plastic used to make these essential part of our lifestyle contribute to ocean plastic pollution. in a subtle but pervasive way. The fabrics they make — along with synthetic-natural blends — leach into the environment just by being washed. Estimates vary, but it’s possible that a single load of laundry could release hundreds of thousands of fibers from our clothes into the water supply finally reaches to oceans.

These tiny plastic particles can find their ways into the diets of marine life and accumulate throughout the food chain. Remember: Plastic can take hundreds of years, possibly millennia, to degrade. The plastic we throw into the ocean now will remain for generations.

Who makes it

According to the #CleanClothes Campaign, in the Cambodian garment industry over 80% of workers Many of these women have children and families and across Asia, most garment workers are women. Many of these women have children and families to provide for and no other income earners in the family to contribute. One worker’s salary typically supports at least three people in a family. Not only do low wages keep garment workers in a cycle of poverty, but they also add to the pressure to work long overtime hours which impacts on health and safety, as well as on productivity.

What is morally right Ethical- choice is your

Ethical Life Style Collection from the Ethical designer and artisans of Dev Ethical Sustainable Crafts and Textiles #b2b market place for ethical and sustainable product in 100% transparent verifiable is a small step for ethical customer to #savetheplanet for humanity.

Office essentialsThese products made of 100% biodegradable fabric made by women SHG of villages of Dehradun have lowest carbon footprint. They are your bold ethical statement in your office, conferences, seminar. Buying a product is about planting 10 trees required to absorb carbon dioxide of the equivalent synthetic leather product from environment with out any land fill and water pollution.

Daily Life Essentials

These daily life essential in Ethical Life Style Collection replaces more than 10000 plastic bags in it's life time. Our Ethical designer and artisans of village Haldwani beautifully fused "Aipan" - traditional hand painting craft of Kumaon region of Uttarakhand into your daily life essentials.

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