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Ethical & Sustainable Fashion: The difference & importance

While some might think the terms ethical and sustainable are synonymous, in their truest sense the two are very different. Do you know if the organization/brand you are shopping from, is either one of those or both? In the best-case scenario, a brand should be both, before we explain how, let’s understand the difference between the two. Ethical Fashion: The keyword here is ethics and so the focus is on ethical practices being followed during the manufacturing process. It is mainly human-centered and assesses how every process in the supply chain impacts garment workers. Some crucial factors that come into play here are workers being paid minimum wage, satisfactory and safe work conditions, no extreme work hours and workload, and sometimes as basic as not violating basic human rights.

Sustainable Fashion: While the ethical chapter was human-focused, the sustainable chapter looks after the environment carefully. What is important here is to manufacture products in a more eco-friendly manner to achieve environmental justice. For sustainable fashion the main takeaways are using minimal renewable & non-renewable natural resources, creating the least amount of harmful waste and pollution during production. This doesn’t only stop at production, ideas like reducing, reusing, recycling, and upcycling are also an important part of the movement.

What is required currently is a brand or an organization that gives equal importance to both movements. What good is a dress that was created with a natural and sustainable fiber but the worker who made it was struggling to keep their life together because of bad work conditions and below minimum wage!?

Wondering where DESCAT-UK stands on the map of ethical and sustainable fashion?

We are proud to say that DESCAT UK is an ethical and sustainable fashion brand, keeping our workforce at the forefront, we have brought work opportunities to their villages so that they don’t have to leave and move to the metro cities to look for work. We’ve been upskilling the talent according to the needs of the time so that they can stay upto date with the current trends along with us. The production of our new natural fiber is done with zero carbon footprint and zero water wastage, making it better than organic cotton.

Looking for more information on our ethical and sustainable practices, email us at

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