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Fashion, Sustainability & Love

It’s the month of love! Here’s how you can show your love to mother nature through responsible fashion.

1) Curate your wardrobe with love Go for fashion that you know can be used for a long time and do not fall under the fleeting fashion trends category. Get some classics so that you wear them as long as you can. Reduce your own fashion carbon footprint!

2) Opt for pre-loved clothes/Rediscover fashion with clothes you stop using Give a new lease of life to the existing clothes and make your own statement! Connect with Dev Uk Foundation, the charity arm of DESCATUK that supports rural women in Uttarakhand India in upcycling clothes.

3) Pick fashion brands that love nature as much as you do! Support sustainable fashion brands. There are brands that are doing their best to create products that are eco-friendly, ethical and support the local community in the best way they can! Give them a chance.


The New Natural Fibre by DESCAT UK shows its love to mother-nature 1) Perennial crop

2) Zero chemicals, eco-friendly 3) Zero carbon footprint 4) Rain-fed crop, no additional water consumption 5) Ethical production practices & supports local community Want to do your bit for sustainability? Know more about NNF, connect with us on or get social with us on Instagram or LinkedIn

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