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It's all #Fashion Revolution @Uttarakhand, India

#Fashionrevolutionweek started in Uttarakhand at village Ranipokhri Dehradun on 25th April 2018.

women SHG of "Nai Drashti Gramya Sanagthan" taken lead by signing #Fashionrevolutionmanifesto

Women SHG of Nai Drashti Gramya Snagthan at Ranipokhri Dehradun

with community leaders, textiles and fashion professionals, millennium consumer, legal advisers, academician all for #fashionrevoluition.

Our #Fashionrevolutioambassdor Mr Ravi Sekher #Ethicalfashion Designer form #NIFT Delhi taken #Fashionrevolution with Artisans of women SHG of village - Damuadhunga #Haldwani Districts of #Uttarakhand on 29 April 2018.

Wonderful! "Lakshya" women SHG #Haulternative during #fashionrevolutionweek motivated by Ms Veena Mehta volunteered #FashionRevolutionAmbassador collected 50kg of used clothes during Fashion Revolution Week form Bhaniawala Dehrdaun from 23 April -28April 2018 and facilitated by Mr K D Sharma on concluding day of Fashion Revolution week at village- Nangal Jwalapur, Doiwala Block #Dehradun.

They have #recycled some of the fabric #HaulternativeDIY to make bags, folders.

Ethical designer of Dev Ethical Sustainable Crafts and Textiles will give #haulternativ broken&beautiful #haulternative fashion fix to new shape, you love to be available at descatuk.

We invite #ethicalslowfashiondesigner form anywhere to lead these women SHG of these small villages of Uttarakhand to reshape these garments for their requirement and interest of their consumer.

On concluding day descatuk pledged that all new our associates to sign A Manifesto for Fashion Revolution before entering into any relationship .

Support us Be a fashion revolutionary, sign manifesto, collect old clothes send to us, we will do #hauletenative for you. #FashionRevolutionweek may be over, but for us it is everyday is #FashionRevolution for "caring earth and it's people."

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