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“It is not just the content that determines whether journalism is sustainable or not; it is also the transparency of the company or organization behind the publication.”

- Unknown

We live in times where journalism has a major impact in all kinds of fields. Journalists are the top most influencers today.

Journalism can help us to achieve UN’s “Sustainable Development Goals”. The SDGs were set up in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly and are aimed to be achieved by the year 2030. Sustainable Development Goals are set of 17 interlinked global goals, that if achieved, will help to attain a sustainable future.

But here is a question stating-

How the media can be a meaningful contributor in the quest to meet the SDGs?

When we say how media can promote sustainability, it all happens when it will share what truly the companies are doing. It will start when companies will become transparent about its supply chain to consumers.

Just showing the final output is not enough. They need to be transparent about how that output has been in process.

Journalism can help to show what goes behind to make that one garment.

News channels, magazines, and newspaper, can be best source of spreading awareness regarding sustainability amongst consumers.

Vogue, Elle, Grazia are few of the international magazines which has a wide consumer base. Such magazines are read by designers, influencers, fashion enthusiasts, fashion followers, trend setters, etc. Through these magazines, sustainability has a scope of getting adapted by consumers.

Journalism has a vast scope to educate people about sustainability.

If a company is working through fair practices, then it can be transparent to people or consumers. This will help to attract more consumers too.

We at Dev ethical sustainable crafts and textiles (DESCATUK) are aiming to attain SDGs by 2030. We are trying to create maximum awareness in our clients and common people to support and live a sustainable life.

There is a long journey to be covered to attain SDGs and sustain our future….

Support sustainable and circular fashion by joining hands with DESCATUK.


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