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Masks are New Normal at Public Places

COVID-19 / Coronavirus/ SARS -Cov-2 .Going by these names is the global pandemic outbreak affecting all of us right now. It's a highly infectious disease and we don’t know where it is and who has it. Apart from the medical team and ministry of health doing the best they can to flatten the curve, we are also equally responsible and should follow the norms set by our government.

One way is to wear face masks. Mask wearing is an important part of the whole prevention picture. With the face masks plus physical distancing plus hand-washing gives COVID-19 tougher barriers to get through. Mask wearing also curbs the constant touching of the face and it also automatically covers your cough and sneezes. It's a very simple and yet effective instrument in reducing the spread.

Face masks are effective for three main reasons:

1) They reduce the exhalation of infectious droplets (protecting other people from you, if you are sick). 
2) They reduce the inhalation of particles (protecting you from others who might be sick).
3) They reduce the number of times your hands touch your face (which, for many people, is hundreds of times per day).

Everyone in the world needs to wear a homemade face mask (covering both the mouth and the nose), to reduce droplet transmission of #COVID19 which the CDC says is the main way the virus spreads— by at least 80% and potentially more than 95%, depending on the type of material used. Additionally, it could reduce transmission that occurs between hands and face, since the mask would act as a physical barrier in this case.

We at descatuk are skilling rural women in Uttarakhand hill villages to help you keep your team safe from Corona infections and flatten the #covidcurve. It is your turn to buy the designer hand made masks to support these rural women.

Together, we learn to live with corona.

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