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In 2021 Fashion revolution week, DESCAT-UK initiated their new venture of NNF Design competition to inculcate sustainability in minds of young designers. The international competition was held in 19 April- 25 April.

In this competition, the students explored their design sense using a newly launched fibre, NNF. Students were given an opportunity to choose from various categories of products like Mens Wear, Womens Wear, Kids Wear, Unisex Products, Home Décor & Accessories.

The competition had an overwhelming response from participants of different countries. Especially, the womens wear category had many participants with very innovative ideas.

The participants explored various parts of category, from maternity wear to formal wear and party wear. A few students also made successful attempts in Indian ethnic wear too, with the new fabric.

The students were encouraged to not only consider asthetics but also the environmental and social impact of their designs, technical details as well as end of cycle approach of their products. Thus the organizers stirred up the young minds to think about a circular approach while practicing fashion.

Many participants were selected in second and final rounds of the competition and after many appreciated efforts by participants and tough competition a winner was selected.

A group project by Mitsu Adesara, Anuj Ribadiya, Drashti Goyani and Vrusti Vegad, students of The Surat Technical Education And Research Society, Surat (STERS) were declared as the winner team.

The winner was awarded with an opportunity of internship and cash prize.

The competition gave a whole new outlook on working towards sustainability as well as various uses of NNF textiles!

Support sustainable and circular fashion by joining hands with DESCATUK.

Stay tuned for our next blog on NNF Design Competition, Unisex apparel and accessories category.

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