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Dev Ethical Sustainable Crafts and Textiles DESCATUK held NNF Design Competition 2021 wherein participants were asked to use their newly invented NNF (New Natural Fiber) in innovative way. NNF (New Natural Fiber) is produced from perennial grass that grow in high altitude regions of Uttarakhand, India. It is ecofriendly, sustainable, and biodegradable.

The competition took place during fashion revolution week 19- 25 April 2021.

There were five participating categories- women’s, men’s, kid’s, home décor and lifestyle and other’s category. Many participants were shortlisted for further stages of competition.

In home furnishing and lifestyle category, participants have explored NNF fabric not only in aesthetics but also have given functionality to the product according to todays trends and issues that we face.

Right starting from basic NNF cushions till NNF fabric chair, different products were explored by participants. Some had multiutility function whereas some had different aesthetic techniques used.

Apart from utility product, NNF décor products were also seen. Crochet, knotting techniques were seen in décor section.

A winner on the last day of fashion revolution week was announced. In home furnishing and lifestyle category, Kalyani Mohadikar and Kalyanee Thatte from MKSSSs School of Fashion Technology, Pune, Maharashtra, won the competition. They brought in DIY home textile concept and presented some multiutility products that can be accepted by different consumers.

This tells us the infinite possibilities of how NNF fabric can be used aesthetically and functionally into our homes and our lifestyle.

New ideas were generated to use NNF fabric material.

Stay tuned for our next blog on NNF Design Competition 2021- Kid’s category….

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Contributors- Kalyani Mohadikar and Kalyanee Thatte

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