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NNF-Knitwear Portfolio

Knitting is the lowest investment employment generation technique for providing livelihood opportunities to those who lost their livelihood due to COVID 19. Knitting a traditional favorite of the Indian women to express love to near and dears of the family. Knitting is a process of fabric forming by the inter meshing loops of yarns. The symmetric looping of yarn causes the fabric to be elastic and stretchy. Knits being the most versatile lowest carbon foot emitting fabric are used in winter wear, sportswear, casuals, and lingerie.

Weft knits is a method of forming fabric by knitting loops in horizontal way from a single yarn and inter meshing of loops takes place in a circular or flat form, course wise basis.Most of the weft knitted garments comes out in tubular form through a good proportion of yarn used in a open width. This category of knits is widely produced.

Knits being inter meshing loops of yarn, is the most flexible fabric. Knitting could be done by any type of yarn suitable for knitting needle or gauge of the knitting machine. Knitted goods are a low carbon footprint compared to the woven fabric which requires more number of energy-intensive machines like warping, beam making, sizing, pirn winding, etc.

New natural fibers knitwear portfolio project by descatuk- Dev Ethical Sustainable Crafts and Textiles for the customer making bold ethical statement. Customer have zero percent carbon emission NNF apparels developed by descatuk from a natural growing plant and better yielding than organic cotton. Dyeing and washing process of Knits is more Eco friendly than organic cotton simple and takes up less resources than of woven fabrics.

The NNF has unlimited knitting opportunities. The plan to skill the local people who lost their livelihood or improve their livelihood different hand knitting to give an interesting tactile texture to the product plan of all season wear such as gloves, beanies, mufflers, scarfs, sweaters, knitted throws, baby blankest etc. Hand knitting has immense scope to grow and yield customers across the globe.

-Project Associate-Amurta Shroff, Knitwear Designer NIFT Mumbai

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Janice M
Janice M
Aug 20, 2021

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