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Old Textiles are Resources, Not Waste.

Today’s linear “take, make, dispose” economic model is reaching its limits, and natural resources are becoming increasingly scarce, threatening the growth of the #fashionindustry. Only less than 1% of material used to produce clothing is recycled into new clothing.

The public is becoming increasingly aware of the #environmental impacts of the #fashion. Consumers expect the industry to address issues related to production, such as extensive water usage, toxic chemicals and garments accumulating in #landfills.

Hand-loom and Knitted Recycle fabric collection is inspired by Steve Labonte’s words; “Recycling is a concern both human and divine” in collaboration with #GRS certified #recycledyarn manufacturer in India, toward our commitments for #TextileRecycling2020 #CircularFashionSystem.

  1. Soft, mellifluous, pleasant 100% Cotton Fabric is composed of 30% recycled #GRS certified cotton yarn and 70% #organic cotton made by our traditional #hand-loom weaving artisans in #Uttarakhand for #Apparel and #Upholstery collections

#Lifecycleassessment commissioned by H&M shows that using #recycled, instead of #virgincotton, fiber #reduces climate and water impacts by 80-90% in the stages that make fiber ready for #spinning.

2. Keeping up the promise of being ###ethical and #sustainable this 100 % Recycle Polyester Cotton Fabric is hand-woven using GRS certified 60%polyester and 40%cotton yarn. Recycle polyester yarn is made from used PET bottle and cotton yarn form garment waste.

3. Lustrous super soft Cotton Silk fabric collection is distinctive by a steady balance of 30% silk and 70% cotton fusion resulting 21 % recycle yarn. This soothing fabric is threaded methodically and deliberately by the expert hands of our weavers and artisans.

“It is essential that we take action on circularity today, even

though we don’t yet have all the solutions for creating a circular

fashion system. It’s only through testing and trying that we will

find them.” - MORTEN LEHMANN

Chief sustainability officer, #GlobalFashionAgenda

Fleece Fabric

Super comfort 100% recycle fabric knitted form 40:60 recycled polyester cotton yarn.

GSM 250 width 34”

Single Jersey Fabric

Lighted weight 100% recycle jersey fabric knitted from recycle 40:60 polyester cotton,

24 Ne yarn. GSM 145 width 36 inch

100% recycle jersey fabric for outer wear knitted from 40:60 recycled polyester cotton 20 Ne yarn. GSM 170 width 36 inch

Pique Fabric

Single pique 100% recycle fabric knitted form 40:60 recycled polyester cotton yarn. GSM 170 width 34”

#Ethicalbrands increase the share of recycled #postconsumertextile into their collection by varieties of GSM, eye-catching designs, color options , ease of customization.

It is your contribution against #climatecrisis by to save planet and future

• Hand loom #recyclefabric product, production CO2 emission ZERO.

• Buying 100 meter of this fabric is your contribution in reducing 92 kg of CO2 emission, 30 Kg waste to land fill, and 126000 liters water to be polluted.

• It provide 18 days work to one artisan for buying 100 meters.

• Pre dyed – chemicals free recycle fabric.

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