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We all embrace nature, but in reality do we really embrace it? While making this collection we thought of this and have developed a story...

Nature has its originality and that makes it unique & beautiful. In this covid- 19 pandemic, we have understood that, respect nature the way it is. We all know the famous newtons law stating, every action has an equal and opposite reaction and that’s what is happening. For all the actions we have applied on nature, today nature is giving its equal and opposite reaction in form of floods, earthquakes, pandemic, glacier melt, drought, weather changes, and many more.

The best example of this is Uttarakhand natural disasters. Past few decades, Uttarakhand has survived through many natural disasters. Uttarkashi earthquake, malpa landslide, chamoli earthquake, himalayan flash flood, Utarakhand glacier burst,forest fires are few to be mentioned.

But truely speaking these all calamities are caused due to our actions only.

Therefore, this collection is going to be in its truest form, telling the story of how if we keep or use nature in its original form without harming it, it will give us a reaction in its original form without harming its community.

Lets embrace nature, the way it has embraced us till now....

Stay tuned for more updates on work from home collection 2021....

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