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SUSTAINABILITY, what comes in your mind when you hear this word?

Well, Sustainability is about meeting immediate needs without jeopardizing people's ability to handle their problems in the future. It also means the incorporation of ecological well-being and social value.

The Core Ideas Behind Sustainability

A sufficient amount of instruction on sustainability and its importance in our lives should be provided. One of the primary requirements of sustainability is the assurance of society and the prosperity of those who live in it. Individuals should be given basic assets that enable a decent level of personal pleasure, as well as the assurance that their safety is guaranteed.

Sustainability directly impacts our lives as it keeps the environment clean & green which makes a phenomenal difference in our lives. It helps in keeping us healthy and safe. It also contributes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle as it uses the resources in an efficient manner. Sustainability can be achieved by eliminating the use of plastics, reducing greenhouse emissions, and using eco-friendly products. We should take the initiative of replacing fast fashion by promoting slow fashion. By adopting sustainable ways, we can reduce water pollution and making the right use of natural resources without depleting them.

Promoting sustainability plays a vital role in strengthening the economy which will help in the long social-economic growth ,also helps in transforming people's lives and creating more opportunities in a flexible way.

What Can We Do to Help?

It is impossible for a single person to change the world, but if we work together, we can have a significant positive influence on our planet's survival. When we run out of wood or destroy our environment, it will be impossible to maintain our personal happiness in this world without management.

As an environmentally-conscious brand, (DESCATUK) knows how to show respect and gratitude to those companies that are as concerned as we are about leaving a better world for our children, guided by moral values and a strong desire to make a difference. Also, we are assisting local people in pursuing their dreams by leveraging locally available natural filaments and skills to assist Fashion brands in achieving their development goals.

Impact Report DESCATUK 2020-21
Download PDF • 21.79MB

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Support sustainable and circular fashion by joining hands with DESCATUK.

Contributors- Raj Nandini

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