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Sustainable Ways to Business Practices- DESCATUK Perspective

§  Passionate: You should be truly passionate about the environmental cause and really wants to take positive efforts towards sustainability business.


§  Patience: As sustainability and green logistics are a growing concept, but for consumers’ acceptance and change in market awareness, you need to have lot of patience.


§  Lobby: You must create a lobby of like-minded people, like minded suppliers, transporters, retailers and manufacturers, to push the concept into industry on large scale.


§  Behavioral Change: Behavioral Change is the ultimate aim to achieve, when we think from buyers’ perspective. Buyer or Consumer must be willing to accept this change for betterment of the Earth in terms of money, choices & sacrifices. 

Solutions/Innovations DESCAT-UK providing to support green logistics:-


DESCAT handcrafted textiles and crafts are made using:

  1. §  Natural, HimGra materials.

  2. §  Eco-friendly dyes and processes.

  3. §  Solar energy used in workshops.

  4. §  Water recycling and conservation.

  5. §  Recyclable packaging for yarns.

  6. §  “Replace the Product” culture. And also, they are making impact by-

  7. §  Helping local communities grow.

  8. §  Spreading awareness for sustainable fashion trends.

  9. §  Empowering farming culture.

  10. §  Supporting local artist & craftsmen.

  11. §  Building trust to grow a bigger textile community.

  12. §  Reducing carbon footprint by improving logistics.

  13. § Promoting sustainable ways in all Government initiatives.

By choosing DESCAT-UK, you're supporting local artisans, reducing waste, and minimizing your carbon footprint.

  • Kanchan Joshi, Melbourne, Australia.

Interior Designer & Sustainability in Supply Chain Researcher.

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