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There is no Planet B

There is no planet B and thus we came up with NNF to make life more loving & green for society.

Is your fashion business too looking for making a sustainable move but don’t know where to start from? This new fiber can be of great help to you as it help with home textiles, knitted apparel and much more.

New natural Fiber is extracted from rain-fed, perennial plant that grows wildly. It has a natural hollow structure. Spun on the conventional short and long staple yarn making machine easily blended with other natural fiber.

Few properties of NNF are as below-

· Due to hollow fiber structure, thermal conductivity Tog value is 0.49 m2K/w

· Absorbency 1 sec

· Water holding capacity 287.8%

Why NNF ?

NNF is not just another fiber that has a composition in your fabrics. It is a cause to make United Nation SDG achievable by 2030. And that will be possible by benefiting the customers in a more sustainable ways, leaving a more environmental and social impact.

How we commit to achieve all this through NNF?

· It provide opportunity to support local people mostly women in migration affected Uttarakhand rural hill area

· By Supporting local handloom weavers in Uttarakhand

· Due to perineal nature of the plant, seed carbon foot print ZERO

· NO use of pesticide & fertilizers

· More sweat absorption due high water holding capacity, ideal for sport/active Water


· NNF Yarns

  1. 4Nm NNF Wool - 55:45 Yarn

  2. 6Ne, 12Ne Liva - NNF 50:55 Yarn

Mail us to get the Test Report at -

· NNF fabric

  1. NNF Wool Khadi

  2. NNF Liva Khadi

  3. NNF Wool Linen Fabric

  4. NNF Liva Flat Knit Fabric

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