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Marketing and sustainability in fashion

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

“Knowledge and transparency are the keys to sustainability.”

For decades, fashion brands have focused on fast changing trends thus promoting fast fashion and increasing sales. These practices have taken a toll on environment.

As the consumers are starting to be more aware about the harm caused by these practices, they are shifting towards more sustainable options. But due to lack of transparency in the industry, consumers may be misled.

The solution to this problem is spreading knowledge and creating complete transparency between consumers and producers/sellers.

Sustainable marketing can prove to be an effective tool for the same.

Sustainable marketing is the practice of conveying environment and socially responsible products and ideas to the right cosumers by educating them about the brand practices and values. The most sustainable messages should be educating to the consumer rather than just peddling them into buying products.

We at DESCAT, strive to educate the curious consumers like you about our practices and products.

It is said that Being sustainable as a company or even as an individual is a journey and We would love to be a part of your journey towards sustainability!

Check out our green product range!

For more information on how to be more sustainable check out our instagram and facebook pages.

contact us for any query!

Lets make our planet a better place together! :)

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