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Dev Uk Foundation


Dev Uk Foundation registered not-profit organizations carrying out welfare activity for the society and environment.

The goal of Dev Uk Foundation is “Pay Back to society”

Dev Uk Foundation has realized the importance of investing on a deeper level in the lives of children. Simply providing for a child’s physical needs isn’t enough. By providing holistic care, rather than merely meeting immediate external needs, we help children to experience complete restoration. With that in mind, we follow the 5-Point of spiritual, physical, educational, emotional, and social for child development.

Dev Uk Foundation will initiate a proactive approach for the guiding principle of Reduce, recycle, reuse by active participation by the society.

Having said that challenges are much board of trustee Dev Uk Foundation unanimously resolved to constitute an advisory board of the eminent persons working in this area for guiding, supervising, and evaluating of the plans of Dev Uk Foundation.

This is a great platform for you to express yourself and PAYBACK TO SOCIETY.

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........Write your pledge

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