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What is NNF???


DESCAT UK [Dev Ethical Sustainable Handicrafts and textiles] launched a new eco-friendly yarn with New Natural Fibre (NNF) and LIVA revival of Birla Cellulose.​ 

NNF is a new natural hollow fiber extracted from perennial grass that grows rain-fed without fertilizer and pesticides, at high altitude regions of Uttarkhand.​ 

  • Created from wild grass grown in Uttarakhand India's high-altitude forest.

  • Organic + More eco-friendly than organic cotton.

  • Irrigation, field preparation is also not required for wild growth.

  • ​Baby Safe 

  • 100% Chemical free does not need fertilizer, pesticides to grow.

  • Natural 100% Biodegradable

  • Herbal Dyed

  • ​Wonder Fabric

  • Warm in winter cool in summer due to hollow fiber structure

  • Medicinal benefits in muscular pain relief, arthritis.

  • This product is designed and produced from Natural & Herbal dyed Indigo handloom grass fiber fabric (GSM150 width 38")

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