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The industrial development of the Uttarakhand is limited mainly in plain area, benefiting  61.5% people while rest lives in hilly region of the state.  The region is highly vulnerable to climate change, with frequent geo-tectonic activities, melting glaciers, cloud bursts, landslides etc. The state has suffered a number of incidences of landslides, flash floods and related disasters, resulting in significant loss of lives and livelihoods impacting the overall economy.

Agriculture in the state is predominantly smallholding agriculture with an average landholding of 0.81 hectare in the hill districts, driven largely by small or marginal farmers.Agriculture in the hilly areas is predominantly practiced for subsistence. Agricultural income’s inability to meet rural household needs slow income growth in agriculture, limited industrialization, coupled with infrastructure and connectivity gaps, particularly in the hill districts, have resulted in large scale migration from rural to urban areas and hills to plains


is a group of Livelihood experts, textile professionals, fashion designers and marketing professionals working for sustainable lively hood  for the the these communities best known for incredible hand loom products and traditional handicrafts using rich treasures of natural fibers in  a sustainable environment. 

Mr S M Sharma
Ex Director Uttarakhand Sericulture Board.
40 yrs working experience with Uttarakhand communities
Dr Naveen Anand
Livelihood Professional
More than 30 yrs working experience with cooperatives in Uttarakhand
Mr K D Sharma
Textile Professional
More than 30 yrs industrial experience with established world class retailors
Mr Tarun Bajaj
Merchandising Professional
More than 20 yrs marketing experience with European buying houses
Mr B R Arya
Ex Additional Director
Uttarakhand Hand loom& Handicraft Development Council
Mrs Amita Sharma
Clothing & Textile Professional
Ex Director Institute of Garment Technology Ghaziabad. Director Dev Textile Services Ludhiana, Promoter DescatUk
Mr Ravi Sekher
Young NIFT designer. Specializing Uttarakhand Traditional Carft
Ms Mousmi Chakma
Ethical Textile Designer
Development Commissioner Hand loom Ministry of Textile GoI
Mr Gaurav Bist
Young Ethical Fashion Designer working with rural community developing innovative products from natural dyed Uttarakahnd Wool carpets
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Force Behind Us: Community working with us



Group Leader 

: Dunda Uttarkashii

: Natural Dyed Wolllen Yarn & Carpet

: Gaurav Bist



CIN: U744999UR2020PTC010984

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