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DESCAT UK Internship Experience

This is Kamal Tyagi an MBA Student from Graphic Era Hill University, Dehradun and I did my summer internship with DESCAT. It was a rigorous 2-month internship and I was assigned the marketing and promotion for Recycled Handloom portfolio. Being from an MBA background, I didn't have much clue regarding the fashion industry and how it has a massive impact on the environment. It was quite an eye-opening revelation about the fashion industry being one the most polluting industry and how using sustainable eco-textiles and implementing a fair trade pay policy could drive a socio-economic change.

The definition of fashion in the present scenario has changed people and is driving society to an eco-friendly approach and they are now adopting the culture of slow fashion which simply means buying quality items over quantity that lasts long and are eco-friendly.

DESCATUK believes in making the planet green by helping businesses to achieve the UN fashion industry's charter for climate action. Natural and used resources like fibers, clothes, dyes are sourced and primarily processed at their place of origin to generate local employment in a pollution-free working environment, manufactured in clusters for handloom fabric, fashion accessories for ethically sustainable brands. This is an environmentally friendly low-cost model because the raw material collection and primary activities are mainly hand-operated or solar-powered machinery. Recycled yarn and old clothes used to make fabric and reshaped into usable products to provide sustainability, employment, and reduce the environmental impact of the clothing in respect of water pollution, carbon emission, and landfills.

I was provided with many interactive sessions to have cleared my basics about the fashion industry. To be honest, it was very tough for me in the beginning, I from the marketing field, and the rest of the team was NIFT graduates, so this was a great challenge for me and the team to get the work done by me and also at the same time not affecting the pace of the working system. My experience was based on recycled handloom fabrics. Amruta Shroff and Rochana Devi leading members of the team helped me with my projects and in the entire internship period. Amruta made me join special sessions to get a better knowledge of the recycling handloom. They patiently listened to my difficulties, tried to sort them out, and gave me valuable suggestions and remarks to make my project a more meaningful one.


It was nice to have worked with such great enthusiastic people. K D Sharma is very humble and hardworking told me in the very beginning that if you have to work here you have to be fully prepared and ready to take on challenges. His thoughts are always energetic and filled with enthusiasm. He is very punctual and a man of his word. He encourages everyone in the team to work hard and push their limits to the fullest. I consider myself very fortunate to have undergone my internship in such an environment where everyone was helpful, caring, and ready to share the knowledge. I will always be grateful to the Descatuk and the team for helping me builds and develops the professional skills required to work in an organization.

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