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"DESCAT UK- Dev Ethical Sustainable Handicrafts and textiles launched a new eco-friendly yarn with New Natural Fibre (NNF) and LIVA reviva of Birla Cellulose." announced by Priyanka Khanna International Expansion Manager Fashion For Good, Global Innovation Fest. LIVA reviva is an upcycled manmade cellulose fiber with 20% Pre-consumer waste and 80% wood pulp of natural origin, more moisture absorbent, a soft feel, and are completely biodegradable.

NNF is a new natural hollow fiber extracted from perennial grass that grows rain-fed without fertilizer and pesticides at high altitude regions of Uttarkhand.

This NNF x Birla Cellulose yarn used for weaving, hand knitting, flat knitting with other natural yarn for more customer-centric properties. . The fabrics developed are soft lighter and lustrous fit for home furnishing and outerwear.

"More herbal dyed fabrics are under devlopement to offer more sustainable eco-friendly handloom fabrics to responsible fashion brands," said K D Sharma CEO DESCAT

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