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Your Takeaway - NNF Webinar

It was a diaspora of Fashion, Textile Professionals, Academia, sustainable platforms, and Independent professionals on Sunday 20th, 2020 in the webinar on the most sustainable New Natural Fiber on the earth

Welcoming learned speakers from the industry and a diverse community of textile, fashion industry Mumbai professionals, academic institutions, and sustainable fashion platforms K D Sharma CEO & Co-founder echoed confidence that this is a good fit for evolving the new value chain for the most sustainable NNF on the earth in the most complex value chain of the sustainable fashion industry.

Mr. Saurabh Mittal leadership advisor, mentor set the tone of the webinar talking about his belief in DESACTUK from the early days.

Young associates Ms. Pooja Phalak and Tushita Verma from NIFT Mumbai skillfully presented the origin of NNF, properties, and compatibilities with other fibers and new textiles and emerging non-textiles uses of NNF fiber to the audience.

Mr. Manohar Samual, Sustainability advisor Grasism Industries Aditya Birla group evaluated NNF on sustainability principles, Mr. Pradeep Kumar Director & COO, WFB Braied Private Limited sharing his experience of working with NNF Wool yarn with linen Dr. Vishaka Karnad Associate Professor Fashion Designing Nirmala Niketan of Home Science Mumbai finding the opportunities for the fashions designer in NNF value chain and Mr. Anuj Sharma Founder Director Alsisar Impact Investment Advisor, exploring investment opportunities to grow with DESCATUK.

Refresh all happening in the webinar

In the concluding FAQ sessions, K D Sharma thanks to the audience, speakers, moderator Amruta Shroff announced the NNF DESIGNERS-SUSTAINABLE FASHION BRANDS MATCHMAKING Event and opportunities in the value chain of the most sustainable NNF on the earth.

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