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Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Let us start this blog by enlightening ourselves with a quote-

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it”

- Robert Swan, Author

This thought is so true. But let’s change this mindset and take steps, without thinking that someone else will do it for us.

Dev Ethical Sustainable Crafts & Textile (DESCATUK) is an organization that has taken a step towards protecting our planet and its community.

There are several problems in the fashion industry, and one of them is the enormous amount of textile waste being produced.

Buy- use- throw, the famous #linearmodel, is the current fashion style where the textile is purchased, used, and thrown in landfills or incinerated. Over the past few decades, this linear model has had serious environmental consequences.

Considering fashions cruel activities towards the environment, DESCATUK has opted to work towards the #circular and #sustainablefashion model. A model that helps in aiming to eliminate the throwing stage of a linear model, aiming to close the loop. DESCATUK is not only following and practicing it but also educating young designers to do so.

Recently, DESCATUK held NNF Design Competition 2021 wherein participants were asked to use their newly invented NNF (New Natural Fiber) in an innovative way. NNF (New Natural Fiber) is produced from perennial grass that grows in high-altitude regions of Uttarakhand, India. It is eco-friendly, sustainable, and biodegradable. The competition took place during fashion revolution week 19- 25 April 2021.

Overwhelming responses were seen. Fashion students from all over the world participated to take NNF to a next level. Esteemed industry professionals were involved in the design review board.

The institution from across different places took part in this competition.

Sustainable brands collaboration with DESCATUK took place through NNF Design Competition 2021.

Experienced mentors from industry were involved to guide the participants.

There were five participating categories- women’s, men’s, kid’s, home décor and lifestyle, and other’s categories. Shortlisted projects were carry forward for the final rounds of the competition.

Each project was having its own story about sustainability and circularity that the participant wanted to convey through NNF fabric. New ideas were generated to use NNF fabric material.

These are the links to see the #bts of participants preparing for competition:

Stay tuned for our next blog, which will be an extension of this blog, on NNF Design Competition 2021- Home furnishing and lifestyle category….

Support sustainable and circular fashion by joining hands with DESCATUK.

Contributors- Kalyani Mohadikar and Kalyanee Thatte

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